Mixology Badge

We are very excited to announce our next badge… Mixology! Mixology is “the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks.” Join us over the next two weeks as we learn the history of cocktails, figure out what various bar tending tools are used for, take a cocktail making class at a local distillery, and host a cocktail party!

If you are interested in earning the Mixology Badge, follow along and complete the steps with us. The Mixology Badge taught us tips for making delicious cocktails and showed us the history of cocktails from Europe to the US and the Caribbean.

In our next couple of posts we share the history of cocktails and recount our experience taking a cocktail making class at our local distillery. We then walk you through the recipes for two fall-themed cocktails we made at our own cocktail party. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to read some cocktail trivia and tips and be sure to follow our blog posts for more in depth reporting on our experience earning the Mixology Badge.

Interested in completing this badge? Check out the badge guide below and linked with a printable version here. We’ve also created worksheets to help you organize your research notes and plan out how you will complete the badge steps. You can download the Research & Planning worksheet and the Reflection worksheet here

Once you’ve completed the Mixology Badge, be sure to tell us about it on Instagram with the hashtag #badgesforall and send us a quick message to share your experience. If you include your address, we’ll send you a little something for completing the badge!

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