Moon-Themed Party and Waning Moon Ceremony

Moon Explorer Badge, Step 3

To complete Step 3 of the moon explorer badge, we hosted a moon party that consisted of magnificent moon snacks and mesmerizing moon information. We then did some moon yoga, and a waning moon ceremony. We shared all of this with a high school girl scout troop who were having an evening get together.  They were the perfect audience.

Moon Snacks

moon snacks

You cannot have a moon party without moon themed food.  A quick Pinterest search gave us lots of inspiration.  We created our version of this moon brownie cake.  A quick dusting of flour and the moon phase cake toppers were the perfect touch to create this crowd favorite.  We used this black bean brownie mix to make the cake. 

We also created full moon shaped PB&J’s and cucumber sandwiches.  Simply cut them out with a round cookie cutter or small bowl. It is funny how bread resembles the moon’s cratery and cracked surface.  Another fun crescent shaped food display was made with Pillsbury refrigerator breadsticks cut into 1 inch pieces and pizza sauce for dipping. See how the breadsticks look like the moon around the sauce?

We were also delighted to find the Limited Edition Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Oreo’s at our local Meijer.  

Sharing Moon Facts

moon worksheet

As we munched on our moon themed party food we quizzed the teens on what they knew about the moon in general.  We discussed what we had learned about the moon landing 50 years ago and some early astronaut knowledge. They were fascinated that all 12 moonwalkers were American men and that no one has actually walked on the moon since 1972!

The girls looked at pictures of the moon and learned about different cultures’ moon legends and what they see in the moon. They then identified what they saw when they looked at the moon.   You can read more about this in our Step 1 Moon Research post.

You can find similar activities in this packet created by NASA.  

Our group had fun identifying different moon legends including : Increased ER visits and baby births, werewolves, lunatics, witches and even recalled the opening scene from The Crucible (the dreaded, but often talked about English Literature book they all read) that apparently takes place during a full moon.  

Moon Phases and Rituals

Lastly we discussed the phases of the moon and how some believe you can use the phases of the moon to guide your life.  We discussed thinking about time as circular instead of linear and connecting to the natural world. 

Moon Yoga

Our group was excited to participate in moon yoga!  We cleared a large area in our basement, lit some candles and laid out some yoga mats, rugs, and even a few beach towels.  Before our practice we applied some essential oils to activate our sense of smell. As recommended by Jessica Dimas we purchased some Letting Go Essential Oils.  This oil was recommended for the Waning Crescent Moon activities.  This blend is good for peace and relaxation – just what we needed. We went around the room and rubbed the oil on each participant’s temples and third eye.  

Before we began, we talked with the group about setting intentions.  Not only for the upcoming yoga practice but for their upcoming year in high school.  We discussed briefly and then had them write their intentions down on paper. Their intentions were very heartfelt and moving and many of them shared their thoughts with the group.  For the yoga session we were lucky to have found an actual Moon Practice by our favorite yogi Adrienne.  The girls loved the 15 minute moon yoga video.  Now that we were all stretched out, relaxed, and anointed with essential oils we were ready to begin the Moon Ceremony.  

moon yoga

Moon Ceremony

To being the Moon Ceremony we briefly recapped the earlier information about the phases of the moon and how they can be applied to your life.  We discussed the Waning Crescent Moon Phase (which was the current moon phase). We used this Waning Crescent Moon Ceremony as a guide.  Ezzie Spencer’s Lunar Abundance is also a fun book to learn about the moon ceremonies and how to use them to benefit the flow of your life.

We explained to the girls that the waning moon is all about slowing down and connecting with yourself on a deeper level.  It is a time for letting go and preparing for the new moon. We did tweak the ceremony slightly to be more appealing to our high school audience.  We explained that this time is a good time for clearing clutter (both physical and mental). We encouraged them to take the time to clean out their closets, backpacks, desks, etc. in the coming week.  That clean and clear spaces are refreshing and good for self growth.  

We then had these soon-to-be high school seniors reflect on the past three years of school, think about anything negative (thoughts, actions, people)  they had experienced and wanted to let go of as they head into their senior year. We again had them write their thoughts down on paper. This time they wrote what they wanted to let go of.  Some wrote for a very long time. We then discussed (if they were willing) what they wrote and why. Finally, we gathered our Letting Go notes and a burning candle and went outside. Each girl lit her note on fire and watched it burn in the fire pit (literally letting go of the negativity on the page).  

moon ceremony

Our last step was to take a moment to look into the night sky.  We unfortunately had a very cloudy rainy evening. Only a few stars were visible.  Even though the crescent moon was faint and very low in the sky (and not visible) we discussed it being there.  We discussed the process and the use of ceremonies in our culture. It was an enjoyable evening for all and full of delicious food, interesting moon information, rejuvenation, and letting go.  

moon ceremony fire

Have you ever participated in a moon ceremony? Have you experienced any full moon-related unusual behavior? We would love to hear about it! Please comment below, send us a message, or reach out on Facebook or Instagram! You can find the badge guide and worksheets to help you complete it here .

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