Journaling Badge

Our next badge was inspired by our desire to dig deeper into a practice we already enjoy: journaling. Doing the research for our Journaling Badge taught us about different types of journals people keep, the benefits of daily journaling, and the history of when humans started keeping journals. We learn about a few famous journal-keepers and the first published journals.

Join us over the next two weeks as we learn about the benefits and history of journaling, take a hand lettering class in Chicago, and give the gift of journaling to a few loved ones. We’ll share with you our favorite types of journals to keep and take you along on our hand lettering class.

If you are interested in earning the Journaling Badge yourself, follow along and complete the steps with us. You can find our free Journaling Badge Guide here.

Step 1: Explore the benefits of journaling for a healthy mind. Learn about various types of journaling online, dig into the history of journaling as a reflective practice, watch a Youtube video, check out a book at the library, or listen to a podcast on the topic.

Step 2: Learn from others. Take a bullet journaling or gratitude journaling class. Find a river writing guide and take a lesson. Ask a friend with creative skills to teach you how to hand letter or calligraphy to incorporate in your journaling. Go to your local bookstore to check out the journal options. Ask friends who journal daily how they keep up their habit and about the benefits of journaling they have noticed in their lives.

Step 3: Create and take action. Give the gift of journaling to others by picking out a journal specific to the personality or needs of a friend. Send her/him the journal with an encouraging note explaining how they can use the journal and some of the benefits they might get out of it. Commit yourself to 30 or 365 days of journaling.

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to read some journaling trivia and tips and be sure to follow our blog posts for more in depth reporting on our experience earning the Journaling Badge.

Once you’ve completed the Journaling Badge, be sure to tell us about it on Instagram with the hashtag #badgesforall and send us a quick message to share your experience. If you include your address, we’ll send you a little something for completing the badge!

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