Welcome to Badges for All, a website for curious people who love to learn and create.

We earn badges by exploring information and research, attending classes, and creating projects on topics like wine tasting, pasta making, cookie decorating, and photography.

This website gives you the tools to complete the badges, too. We offer step-by-step guides to earning badges, all for free. If you’re interested in learning about food, drinks, DIY, design, art, minimalism, activism… (and the list goes on) you’re in the right place!

What We Do

We complete badges and write about our experience on our blog. We love learning fascinating fun facts, so we share the most interesting research we find. Next, we take a class on the topic of the badge and take you along with us. We share what we learned in the class and reflect on our experience. Then, we create something badge related to finish the badge. These are projects you can make or challenges you can join us in completing!

Earn Badges

If you want to earn the badge yourself, download a Badge Guide to get started. Badge Guides are printable “recipes” or ideas for learning something new and sharing it with friends. Do something to satisfy each of the three steps to earn the badge:

Step 1. Explore
Step 2. Learn
Step 3. Create

Created to be flexible, Badge Guides are designed to spark ideas for how to complete each step in fairly inexpensive and accessible ways.

We’ll give you ideas about how to complete each step in our “Earn it in a Weekend” posts. Once you’ve completed the steps, drop us a line on Facebook, Instagram, or send us a message and show-and-tell us about your experience. We’ll mail you a little something in return!

We’re Katie and Elizabeth, sisters who love to learn and share with each other.

Earning badges isn’t just for kids. Adults should have a reason to get together with friends and learn something new, too! Join us as we learn new skills and share our progress with the world.

Supporting a culture of growth for ourselves, we follow curiosity where it takes us. We try to create a fun learning experience out of almost everything. We also know that learning together is fun, so we invite others along and encourage you to do the same!

Tell us about your experience earning badges!

We want to hear from you! Have you earned one of our badges? How did it go? Do you know how to do something and want to share your expertise? Send us a message here!