Care Package & Correspondence Badge

Care packages can send love, support, and joy in a box! Giving care packages and sending correspondence to loved ones who live near and far can help maintain relationships and make us feel closer to one another.

Join us as we send our love across the state and the country and earn the Care Package & Correspondence Badge. The Care Package & Correspondence Badge taught us tips and tricks for sending thoughtful packages and showed us the history of C.A.R.E. packages and the role they played in post-war Europe.

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Phone Photography Badge

Our phone cameras are the most convenient way to capture our day to day lives and special moments.

Join us as we master the art of the phone photo and earn the Phone Photography Badge. The Phone Photography Badge taught us tips and tricks for taking great pictures on our phones, took us to the Apple store for a photography lesson, and encouraged us to take a photo walk in our community!

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Card Games Badge

card games badge

Card games are an excellent way to entertain a group, relax with friends, and pass the time.

Join us as we get curious about cards to earn the Card Games Badge. The Card Games Badge taught us (and can teach you) the fascinating history of cards, how to play card games like Cribbage, Euchre, and Countdown, and how to host a fun card game night or Euchre tournament with your friends.

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Pasta Making Badge

Everyone loves pasta! It is the ultimate comfort food. Fresh pasta is next level delicious but can feel like an undertaking to make from scratch if you’ve never attempted it before.

Join us as we learn to make pasta at home and earn the Pasta Making Badge. The Pasta Making Badge taught us (and can teach you) the history of pasta, why there are so many shapes – and some of their names – and how to make pasta at home with either a pasta making machine, inexpensive ravioli stamps, or just a knife to cut the dough.

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Multigenerational Family Travel Badge

travel multigenerational teens adults grandparents

Traveling with family members and friends of various ages can be challenging, but can also be so rewarding! Join us as we complete the Multigenerational Travel Badge and make memories to last a lifetime. The Multigen Travel Badge walks you through trip planning for a group consisting of different generations, learning from others who have done a trip like this before, and actually taking the trip! Can’t go far? No problem, you can earn this badge right in your backyard. 

In our next couple of posts we include ideas about how to be a tourist in your own town or state and complete the badge nearby. We’ll also share with you how we earned this badge on a recent family trip to Germany. We’ll tell you what we learned about traveling with teens and grandparents from others online as well as from our own experience. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to get travel tips in short snippets and be sure to follow our blog posts for more in depth reporting on our badge-getting experience.

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